Appunti di Inglese

Scusate tanto, ma visto che questo è l’unico dominio in mio possesso, ci scrivo alcuni appunti che andrò a vedere domani durante il compito di inglese. ‘Sti dialoghi da imparare a memoria non mi entrano in testa! xD

Thanks for having lunch with me, Emily
That’s ok, Lorenzo. Anyway, Rob’s busy at the dog’s home today
What would you like dear?
I’d like cod and a small portion of chips, please
Salt and vinegar?
Yes, please.
Anything else?
No, thanks.
And what can i get you?I’d like haddock and chips with lots of vinegar, please.
Large or small chips?
Large, please.
Would you like anything to drink?
Yes, i’d like a Diet Coke, please
And i’d like a bottle of water, please.
Ok, that’s £8.15
Sorry, i haven’t got any change. Here’s a twenty-pound note.
No problem. Here’s your change.
Thanks, Bye!
That was a fantastic lunch emily! I love fish and chips.
Me too! What do you want to do now?
How about going to see a film?
I’d rather not, if you don’t mind. Rob and i usually go to the cinema together on Saturday evenings.
Oh, i see. Let’s go ide-skating, then. Oh, can you ice-skate?
Er… no, i can’t. Can you swim?
Can i swim? Are you kidding? Yes, i can. I’m an excellent swimmer. Really? Shall we go swimming, then?
But… we can’t. You can’t swim straight after lunch! What about going shopping?
Great! I’d rather go shopping anyway. I need some new clothes. Here we are. This is the High Street.
But all these shops are Italian! Look! Benetton, Emporio Armani… i’d rather buy something british!
Ok, but let’s have a quick look in here first. Italian clothes are great!
Ok, let’s go in, then.
The UK is changing! We are experiencing a real cultural invasion by other countries. Is this a good or bad thing? Steve Chang looks at the changin face of britain.

If you walk dow a British high street today, it is very easy to forget where you are! Shopping streets in British towns are all the same. In every town you generally finf the chain stores – currys, the body shop, boots. Wh smith, mcdonalds, hmv, blockbuster video, next, gap, benetton – and the major banks, Small shops which are not part of chain are becoming very rare. What’s more, many of these chain stores and the products they sell are not actually British. America has an enormus influence on the UK these days. The British eat large quantities of American-style food. But the usa isn’t the only country to influence what we eat. Here in Richmond for example. We have indian, chinese, french, greek, thai, japanese, italian, spanish restaurants. The usa also influences other parts of our lives. Most computer products are American, such as Microsoft software and Macintosh computers, and who hasn’t got a pair of Levi Jeans? A very big american influence on the uk culture is, without a doubt, american television. A large number of films, soaps, reality TV shows and quiz programmes that we watch here come from the usa. The consequences of this are enormus. American TV is changing the way we speak and act. Young people use more and more american words and expressions. However, it isn’t just an american invasion, we find italian and french designer clothes in our clothes shops now. A lot of mobile phones, s, cameras, video cameras, DVD players and MP3 players that we buy are made by japanese companies.


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